Celebrating The UK's Independent Record Stores



We are celebrating Record Store Day at both of our main shops, 1 Castle Street in Christchurch and 88 Old Christchurch Road in Bournemouth.


Both stores will be open at 8am on Saturday 21st April.


 All the titles will be split equally between both shops so that each shop will have exactly the same stock.


We will be operating access on a first come first served basis and limiting numbers in the shops depending on demand. This will give buyers a fair chance to browse our titles and not be crushed in a 'scrum' !!!


Also we do not mind how many titles you want to buy, but to give everyone a fair chance we will be limiting each person to one copy per title each.


Also we stick to RSD rules and we cannot save or preorder any titles for the day, you need to come to one of the shops.


When the stock starts arriving we will start listing our available titles below


We look forward to seeing you on the 21st.




RSD Titles



AC/DC 'Back In Black' - Cassette

Air 'Sexy Boy' - 12" Picture Disc

Alarm, The 'Where The Two Rivers Meet' - 12"

Allman Brothers Band, The 'Live At The Atlanta International Pop Festival' - 4LP

American Werewolf Academy 'Dead Without Dying & Gleefully Detached' - LP Red/Black Vinyl

Amorphous Androgynous, The 'The Isness (Abbey Road Cut)' - LP

Arcade Fire 'Arcade Fire EP' - 12" Blue Vinyl

Armstrong, Tim 'A Poet's Life' - LP

Awolnation 'Live In Vienna' - 7"

Backyard Babies 'Total 13' - LP Picture Disc

Barnett, Courtney 'City Looks Pretty/Sunday Roast' - 12"

Base, Rob & DJ EZ Rock 'It Takes Two' - LP Red Vinyl

Bass Communion (Steven Wilson) 'Bass Communion' - 2LP

Batmobile 'Teenage Lobotomy' - 7" Yellow/Black Vinyl

Beach Boys, The 'In Paris with Andy Williams' - 7"

Beck, Jeff 'Radio Sessions 1967' - LP

Beck Trio, Gordon 'Gyroscope' - LP

Bell, Chris 'I Am The Cosmos/You And Your Sister' - 7"

Belly 'Feel' - 10"

Big Audio Dynamite II 'On The Road -Live '92' - 12"

Blabbermouth 'Deep State' - 7"

Bolan, Marc & T.Rex 'The Final Cuts' - LP Picture Disc

Bowie, David 'David Bowie' - 2LP Red and Blue Vinyl

Bowie, David 'Let's Dance' - 12"

Bowie, David 'Welcome To The Blackout' - 3LP

Bowie, David 'NOW' - LP White Vinyl

Boys, The 'The Boys' - LP Vomit Splatter Vinyl

Buckley, Jeff 'Live At Sine' - 4LP

Buffalo Springfield 'Live at Monterey 1967' - 7"

Bugg, Jake 'ALCOHOL' - 7"

Burdon, Eric & The Animals 'Nights in San Francisco' - LP

Burgess, Tim 'As I Was Now' - LP Blue Vinyl

Byrds, The 'Milestones' - LP

Campbell, Phil and the Bastard Sons 'Silver Machine' - 7"

Car Seat Headrest 'Twin Fantasy (Mirror to Mirror)' - 2LP

Carlisle, Belinda 'Wilder Shores' - LP Blue Vinyl

Carn, Jean 'Was That All It Was/Don't Let It Go To Your Head' - 12"

Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine '101 Dalmations' - LP White with Black Spots Vinyl

Cash, Johnny 'I Love You Because' - 7" Red Vinyl

Cash, Johnny 'At Folsom Prison (legacy Edition)' - 4LP

Celtic Frost 'Tragic Serenades' - 12" Picture Disc

Chain Reaction 'Search For Tomorrow' - 7"

Clapton, Eric 'Rush OST' - LP

Clark Jr., Gary and Junkie XL 'Come Together' - 12" Picture Disc

Clark, Mary 'Take Me I'm Yours' - 7"

Coombes, Gaz 'The Oaks (Remix)' - 12"

Costello, Elvis 'Someone Else's Heart' - 7"

Creation Rebel 'Dub From Creation' - LP Clear Vinyl

Cuby + Blizzards ' L.S.D./Your Body Not Soul' - 7" White Vinyl

Cure, The 'MIXED UP (Remastered 2018)' - 2LP Picture Disc

Cure, The 'TORN DOWN:MIXED UP EXTRAS 2018' - 2LP Picture Disc

Curved Air 'Air Conditioning' - 12" Picture Disc

Cymande 'Second Time Around' - LP

Cymande 'Promised Heights' - LP

Cypress Hill 'Black Sunday - Remixes' - LP

Daughter 'Music From Before the Storm' 2LP Clear Vinyl

Davis, Miles 'Rubberband' - 12"

DeMarco, Mac/Shamir 'Cover Beat Happening' 7" Clear Vinyl

DeMarco, Mac 'Old Dog Demos' - LP Yellow Vinyl

Def Leppard 'Live From Abbey Road' - 12"

Demon Fuzz 'I Put a Spell on You' - 7" Silver Vinyl 

Demus, Chaka & Pliers 'Tease Me' -  12" Yellow Vinyl

Denny, Sandy 'Like An Old Fashioned Waltz' - LP Clear Vinyl

Descendents 'Who We Are' - 7"

DeVaughn, William 'Be Thankful For What You Got' - 12"

Dirty Three 'Whatever You Love You Are' - 2LP Gold Vinyl

Disturbed 'The Lost Children' - 2LP

DJ Spooky 'Phantom Dancehall' - 12" Coloured Vinyl

Django Django 'In Your Beat' - 12"

DMX 'X Gon' Give It To Ya' - 12" Red Vinyl

Doors, The 'Live At The Matrix Part 2' - LP

Dream Syndicate, The 'How We Found Ourselves...Everywhere' - 12"

Duran Duran 'Duran Duran Budokan' - LP

Dury, Baxter 'Miami' - 12" White Vinyl

Dylan, Bob 'Masters of War' - 7"

Dylan, Bob & The Grateful Dead 'Dylan & The Dead' - LP

Easybeats, The 'Lovin' Machine' - 7"

Eden House, The 'Live and in Session' - LP

Eek-A-Mouse 'Ganja Smuggling' - 7"

Electric Wizard 'Wizard Bloody Wizard' - LP White with Red Splatter Vinyl

Ellis, Steve 'Everlasting Love/Lonely No More' - 7"

End, The 'Introspection/Retrospection' - 2LP Transparent Vinyl

Eno, Brian with Kevin Shields 'The Weight of History/Only Once Away My Son' - 12"

Erasure 'The Two Ring Circus' - LP Coloured Vinyl' - 7" Red Vinyl

Europe 'Walk The Earth' - LP Picture Disc

Eurythmics '1984' - LP Red Vinyl

Family Silver, The 'Small Town Man/Privilege

Fanciulli, Nic 'Saying feat Damon Albarn' - 7"

Fatboy Slim 'Right Here, Right Now' (CamelPhat Remix) - 12"

Fickle Pickle 'Sinful Skinful' - LP + 7"

First Aid Kit 'You Are The Problem Here' - 7"

Five Day Week Straw People, The 'The Five Day Week Straw People' - LP

Flamin' Groovies 'Grease' - 2LP Violet Vinyl

Fleet Foxes 'Crack-Up (Choral Version)/In The Morning' - 7" 

Fleetwood Mac 'Tango In The Night Alternate' - LP

Florence And The Machine 'Sky Full of Song' - 7" Splatter Vinyl

Fogerty, John 'Centerfield' - 12" Picture Disc

Frankie Goes To Hollywood 'The First 48 Inches of FGTH' - 4 x 12" Box Set

Future Sound of London, The 'My Kingdon' - LP

Fuzztones 'Braindrops' - Coloured LP + 7"

Gainsbourg, Charlotte 'Remixes' - 12" 

Gallagher, Noel High Flying Birds 'It's A Beautiful World (Remixes)' - 12" Monochrome Vinyl

Gallagher, Rory 'The French Connection' - LP

Gallo, Ron 'Really Nice Guys' - 12" EP Orange Vinyl

Gaye, Marvin 'Let's Get It On (45th Anniversary Edition)' - LP Red Vinyl

Gaye, Marvin 'Sexual Healing:The Remixes' - LP

Gaynor, Gloria 'I Will Survive/Substitute' - 12" 

Gentry, Bobbie 'Live at the BBC' - LP

Glasper, Robert Experiment 'The ArtScience Remixes' - 12"

Goat 'Double Date Score' - Pool of Blood 10"

Gormley, Antony 'Sounds of the Studio' - LP

Grandaddy 'Practice 97' - LP

Grateful Dead 'Fillmore West, San Francisco' - 4 x LP

Gray, The Barry Orchestra 'No Strings Attached' - 10" Light Blue Vinyl

Groundhogs, The 'Scratching The Surface' - LP

Hammond, Albert Jr 'Etchings' - 10"

Hawkwind 'Dark Matter' - 2LP

Hayseed Dixie 'It Happened so Grassed! Live in Scotland' - 2LP

Head, Jowe 'Pincer Movement' - LP

Heads 'Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere' - 2LP Clear Blue Vinyl

Hedley, Joshua 'Broken Man' - 7"

Hempolics, The 'Riding For A Fall/Come As You Are' - 12"

Hendrix, Jimi 'Manish Boy/Trash Man' - 7"

Hendrix Experience, Jimi 'Hamburg '67' - 7"

Heyward, Nick 'Stars' - 10"

High, The 'Say It Now/Sugarpuff' - 12"

Holland-Dozier feat Lamont Dozier 'Why Can't We Be Lovers' - 7"

Horan, Niall 'Mirrors EP' - 10"

Human League 'Secrets' - 2LP White Vinyl

Isbell, Jason & The 400 Unit 'Live at Twist & Shout 22.16.07' - 12"

Jackson, Gordon 'Thinking Back' - LP

Jansch, Bert 'A Rare Conundrum' - LP Gold Vinyl

Jansch, Bert 'Santa Barbara Honeymoon' - LP Purple Vinyl

Jansch, Bert 'L.A. Turnaround' - LP Blue Vinyl

Jenkins, Karl 'The Armed Man:A Mass For Peace' - 2LP

Jethro Tull 'Moths' - 10"

Jobriath 'Jobriath' - LP Pink Vinyl

John, Elton vs Pnau 'Good Morning To The Night' - LP Clear Vinyl

Kaleidoscope 'Faintly Blowing' - 7"

Karizma 'Tech This Out Part 1' - 12"

Killing Joke 'Absolute Decent' - 2LP Transparent Yellow Vinyl

King Kurt 'Ooh Wallah Wallah' - LP Yellow Vinyl

Kingsland, Paddy 'The Changes' - 2LP

Kingsley, Gershon & The Moog 'Pop Corn' - 12"

Kiwanuka, Michael 'Out Loud!' - 12"

Kreator 'Behind The Mirror' - 12" Picture Disc

L7 'Fast & Frightening' - 2LP

LaRue D.C. 'Resurrection - The Remixes Part One' - 12"

LaRue D.C. 'Resurrection - The Remixes Part Two' - 12"

Led Zeppelin 'Rock and Roll/Friends' - 7" Yellow Vinyl

Lee, Bunny Striker 'Reggae Going International 1967-76' - 2LP Red, Green or Gold Vinyl

Lemonheads, The 'Favourite Spanish Dishes' - 12" Pink Vinyl

Linkin Park 'One More Light Live' - 2LP Gold and Black Vinyl

Long John Baldry and the Hoochie Coochie Men 'Filthy Mcnasty' 7"

Los Lobos vs. The Shins 'The Fear' - LP

Lovely Eggs, The 'This Is Eggland' - Fried Egg LP

Lulu 'Heaven and Earth and the Stars' - LP Blue Vinyl + 7" Picture Disc

Lurkers, The 'Fulham Fallout' - LP Orange Vinyl

Lynn, Cheryl 'You Saved My Day/Got To Be Real' - 12"

Maccabees, The 'Wall Of Arms' - LP

Madness 'I Do Like To Be B-Side the A-Side' - LP

Madonna 'You Can Dance' - 12" Red Vinyl

Madonna 'The First Album' - LP Picture Disc

Main Ingredient, The 'Work To Do/Instant Love' - 7"

Mallory Knox 'Signals' - 2LP

Manfred Mann 'Alive' - LP

Manfred Mann 'The Albums '64-67' - Box Set

Mansun 'Wide Open Space' - 12" White Vinyl

Martin, George 'Beatles To Bond And Bach' - LP Blue Vinyl

Martyn, Beverley 'Where The Good Times Are' - LP Random Colour Vinyl

Mastodon 'Emperor of Sand' - 12" Picutre Disc

Maytones The 'Only Your Picture' - LP + 12"

Mekons, The 'Never Been In A Riot' - 7"

Mekons, The 'Where Were You/I'll Have To Dance Then (On My Own)' - 7"

Members, The 'Greatest Hits-All The Singles' - LP

Miguel 'War & Leisure' - 2LP

Mittoo, Jackie 'Showcase' - 7"

Mogwai 'Ten Rapid' - LP White Vinyl

Monk, Thelonious 'Nutty' - 7"

Morbid Angel 'Kingdoms Disdained' - 12" Picture Disc

Morrison, Van 'The Alternative Moondance' - LP

Morrison, Van & Joey Defrancesco 'Close Enough For Jazz/The Things I Used To Do' - 7"

Motorhead 'Heroes' - 7" Picture Disc

Motorhead 'Death or Glory' - LP Silver Vinyl

Move, The 'In Europe '66-'67' - LP

Mohawks 'The Champ' - 7" Gold Vinyl

Nas 'Illmatic:Live At The Kennedy Center' - 2LP

National, The 'Boxer Live In Brussels' - LP Clear Vinyl

Nazz 'Fungo Bats Acetates (Unreleased LPs) - 2LP

Nico 'I'm Not Sayin'/The Last Mile' - 7"

Nothing But Thieves 'Crazy/Lover You Should've Come Over' - 7"

Notorious B.I.G., The 'Juicy' - 12" Black Marbled Vinyl

N.S.U. 'Turn on, Or Turn Me Down' - LP

Ocean Colour Scene 'Marchin' Already' - 2LP

Open Mind, The 'The Open Mind' - LP

OST Hitchcock 'Vertigo/North By Northwest' - 7" Orange Vinyl

OST Ron Grainer 'The Omega Man' - 2LP

OST Hans Zimmer 'Blue Planet II' - LP Blue Vinyl

OST Doctor Who 'Tomb of Cyberman' - 2LP Silver Vinyl

OST Doctor Who 'City of Death' - 2LP Green Vinyl

OST Fawlty Towers 'Second Sitting' - LP Picture Disc

OST Dave Grusin 'The Friends of Eddie Coyle' - LP

OST Sam Wayman 'Ganja & Hess' - LP Coloured Vinyl

OST Serge Gainsbourg 'Le Pacha' - LP

Otoboke Beaver 'Okoshiyasu !!' - LP Pink Vinyl

Parquet Courts 'Mardi Gras Beads' - 7"

Pere Ubu 'Terminal Tower' - LP

Phoenix 'Monologue' - Red Heart Shaped Vinyl

Pineapple Thief, The '8 Years Later' - LP White Vinyl

Pink Floyd 'The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn' - LP

Presley, Elvis 'The King In The Ring' - 2LP

Prince '1999' - LP

Prince Fatty 'Sunshine' - 7" Dinked

Prodigy 'Keep It Thoro' - LP

Public Image Limited 'Live At Brixton Academy 1986' - 2LP

Public Service Broadcasting 'People Will Always Need Coal Remixes' - 12"

Q'65 'Kjoe Blues' - 7" Yellow Vinyl

Quicksand 'Triptych Continuum' - 12"

Rag 'n' Bone Man 'Don't Set The World On Fire/George Has Got A Friend' - 12" Coloured Vinyl

Rage Against The Machine 'Democratic National Convention 2000' - LP

Ramones 'Sundragon Sessions' - LP

Raven, Michael & Joan Mills 'Death And The Lady' - LP

Reed, Eli Paperboy '....Meets High & Mighty Brass Band' - LP

Reed, Lou 'Animal Serenade' - 3LP

Reel People feat Navasha Daya 'I'm In Love/Can't Fake The Feeling' - 12"

Reid's, Duke All Stars 'Judge Sympathy c/w Never To Be Mine' - 7" Orange Vinyl

Residents, The 'The W****** B*** Album' - LP

Richter, Max 'The Blue Notebooks - 15 Years' - 2LP Blue Vinyl

Ride 'Waking up in Another Town:Weather Diaries Remixed' - 2LP

Rolling Stones, The 'Their Satanic Majesties Request' - LP Clear Vinyl Lenticular 3-D Sleeve

Rudimental 'Healing/No Fear' - 12"

Run The Jewels 'Stay Gold Collectors Box' - Vinyl Box Set

Sakamoto, Ryuichi 'ff2' - 12"

Saxon 'Princess of the Night' - 7" Coloured Vinyl

Saxon 'Metalhead' - LP Picture Disc

Saxon 'Thunderbolt' - 12" Picture Disc

Scaggs, Boz 'Lowdown/Jojo/What Can I Say' - 12"

Schiffrin, Lalo 'Enter The Dragon OST' - LP Picture Disc

Shaggy 'Oh Carolina' - 7" Green Vinyl

Shocking Blue 'Single Collection (part 1)' - 2LP Blue Vinyl

Sigrid 'Don't Kill My Vibe EP' - 12" Red Vinyl

Sleigh Bells 'Kid Kruschev' - LP

Sly & Robbie & Junior Natural 'Militant Dub' - LP Gold Vinyl

Small Faces 'Lazy Sunday Afternoon/Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake' - 7" Luminous Vinyl

Smith, Lonnie Liston & The Cosmic Echoes 'Expansions/A Chance For Peace' - 12"

Snapped Ankles 'Violations' - 12"

Snatch 'Snatch' - LP

Snow Patrol 'Don't Give In/Life On Earth' - 10"

Soft Cell 'Say Hello Wave Goodbye/Youth' - 12" Clear Vinyl

Soundgarden 'A-Sides' - 2LP Coloured Vinyl

Spacemen 3 'Taking Drugs to Make Music to Take Drugs to' - 2LP Berry Coloured Vinyl

Sparks 'You've Earned the Right to be a Dick' - Hippo Head Shaped 7"

Sparks 'Sparks - The Best Of & The Rest Of' 2LP Red Vinyl

Spiritualized 'Fucked Up Inside' - LP Milky Clear Vinyl

Springsteen, Bruce 'Greatest Hits' - 2LP

Stevens, Shakin 'Echoes of Our Time' - LP Red Vinyl

Stevens, Sufjan 'Mystery of Love' - 10" Transparent Numbered Vinyl

Stewart, Jamie (Xiu Xiu) 'An Agressive, Chain Smoking Alcoholic' -LP Silver Vinyl

Stone Broken 'All In Time' - LP Picture Disc

Stooges, The 'The Stooges (The Detroit Edition) - 2LP

Streets, The 'The Streets Remixes And B Sides' - 2LP White Vinyl

Stone Sour 'Hydrograd Acoustic Sessions' - 12"

Suede 'Suede (25th Anniversary Silver Edition)' - 2LP Silver Vinyl

Sun Ra 'Pine Street Theatre, October 28th 1988' - 2LP

Sylvian, David 'Dead Bees On A Cake' - 2LP White Vinyl

Tabor, June 'Ashore' - 2LP White Vinyl

Tangerine Dream 'Miracle Mile' - LP Coloured Vinyl

Tangerine Dream 'Run To Vegas/Leviathan' - 12"

Taylor, Roger 'Journeys End' - 10"

Tears For Fears 'Head Over Heels - Talamanca System Remix' - 12"

Tears For Fears 'Head Over Heels - Mark Barrott Remixes' 12"

This Is The Kit 'Wriggle Out The Restless' - LP Orange & Blue Vinyl

Thunders, Johnny (feat Patti Palladin) 'Great Big Kiss' - 7" Picture Disc

Thunders, Johnny 'So Alonesome' - LP Random Colour Vinyl

Timeless Legend 'Everybody Disco' - 12"

To Kill A King 'No More Love Song' - 12"

Toy Dolls 'Nellie The Elephant' - 7" Pink Vinyl

Toyah 'Desire (30th Anniversary Edition)' - LP Red Vinyl

T.Rex 'Bolan Boogie' - LP Blue Vinyl

Troggs, The 'Wild On The Radio' - LP

Twin Peaks 'Twin Peaks (Music From The Limited Event Series - Score' - LP Picture Disc

Twin Peaks 'Twin Peaks (Music From The Limited Event Series - Soundtrack' - LP Picture Disc

U2 'Lights Of Home' - 12" Picture Disc

U.K. 'U.K.' - LP

Uncle Tupelo 'No Depression-Rarities' - LP

Undertones, The 'The 7" Singles Box' - 13 x 7" Box Set

Undisputed Truth 'You + Me = Love/Sandman' - 12"

Unkle 'Live-On The Road:Koko' - 3LP

Unkle 'Live-On The Road:Koko' - 2CD

Uriah Heep 'Look At Yourself' - LP Mirrored Sleeve

Various 'Motown Funk Vol. 2' - 2LP

Various 'Get Ready, Do Rock Steady' - 10 x 7" Box Set

Various 'Mighty Instrumentals R & B Style 1963' - LP

Various 'Universal Love' - LP

Various 'Soho Scene '66-Jazz Goes Mod' - LP

Various 'Sucker Punch OST' - LP Transparent Green Vinyl

Various Erased Tapes '1 + 1 = X' - 3LP Box Set

Various 'New Orleans Soul 1967' - LP

Various 'I-Robots-Turin Dancefloor Express pres:Svengile EP 1977-2017 40th Year Anniversary' - 12"

Various DJ Pierre Presents 'Acid 88 Volume 2' - 2LP

Various 'Communion-Burning Witches Compilation' - LP Purple & Black Vinyl

Various 'Soho Scene 60-Jazz Goes Mod'  LP

Various 'Tamla Motown-Live In Europe 1965' - LP

Various 'Gary Crowley's Punk & New Wave' - 2LP Red & Blue Vinyl

Various 'Soul Jazz Records Presents Studio One Dub Plate Special' - 7" Box Set

Various 'Soul Jazz Records Presents PUNK 45' - 7" Box Set

Various 'The SugarHill Boom Box' - 4 x 12" Box Set

Various 'Up All Night...Non-Stop Dancing:The Very Best of Spark Northern Soul' - LP

Voivod 'Too Scared To Scream' - 12" Picture Disc

Waits, Tom 'Bawlers' - LP Blue Vinyl

Waits, Tom 'Bastards' - LP Grey Vinyl

Waits, Tom 'Brawlers' - LP Coloured Vinyl

Waterfront, The (pre Stone Roses) 'Normandy (On A Beach)/When the Wind Blows' - 12"

Watts 103rd St Rhythm Band/The Meters 'Express Yourself/Just Kissed My Baby' - 7"

Whitesnake '1987' - LP Picture Disc

Who, The 'The Kids Are Alright (OST)' - 2LP Red and Blue Vinyl

Who, The 'Ready Steady Who 4' -7"

Wilco 'Live At The Troubadour 11/12/96' - 2LP

Wildheart, Ginger 'Paying It Forward' - 10" Picture Disc

Wilson, Steven 'How Big The Space' - 12"

Wipers, The 'Live At The Met, December 31st 1982' - LP

Wire 'Nine Sevens' - 7" Box Set

Wishbone Ash 'Roadworks - Junctions The Best Of Roadworks' - 2LP

Wolf Alice 'Don't Delete The Kisses (remix EP)' - 12"

Wu-Tang Clan 'Enter The Wu-Tang 36 Chambers' - Cassette

Yazoo 'Situation' - 12"

Yes 'Tomato' - LP Picture Disc

Young, Neil 'ROXY: Tonight's The Night Live' - 2LP

Zappa, Frank 'Lumpy Gravy' - LP Burgandy Vinyl

Zoot Money's Big Roll Band 'All Night Worker' - 7"




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